About us

About us

SeaCorridor, a company with equal governance Eni and Snam, manages the coordination of the commercial and technical activities of the two groups of international gas pipelines connecting Algeria to Italy.

The segments involved are the onshore gas pipelines which run from the border between Algeria and Tunisia through to the Tunisian coast, called the TTPC (Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company) system and the offshore gas pipelines that connect the Tunisian coast to Italy, called the TMPC (TransMediterranean Pipeline Company) system.

SeaCorridor brings together the competences of Eni and Snam into a single working team, with the aim of synergically enhancing their respective missions.

About us

Our objectives

Through our assets and together with our investee companies, we help enhance the development of energy initiatives that help assure the security of natural gas procurement in Italy and the rest of Europe.

We also intend to make the most of potential opportunities in favour of the energy transition, with the aim of supporting potential development initiatives in the value chain of hydrogen, also thanks to the natural resources of North Africa.

The North Africa-Europe connection is, in fact, at present, a strategic route on which to hinge important energy policies and, in the near future, an essential axis with a view to progressive decarbonisation on an international level.

We want to put ourselves forward as a point of convergence and communication channel amidst heterogeneous populations, cultures and contexts, with the aim of creating market opportunities for Europe, increasingly seeking energy certainties.

With our people, our principles and competences, we wish to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.

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Technical services

Technical services

We coordinate the O&M activities of TTPC and TMPC and related companies under the banner of innovation and sustainability.

In greater detail:

  • Optimisation and development of technical investments
  • Optimisation of operational and maintenance activities
  • Execution of feasibility studies on new development initiatives
  • Promotion of technical, technological and IT standards

We foster the technical and technological modernisation of the gas transmission infrastructure in the face of future procurement scenarios and the energy transition.

Technical services
Commercial services

Commercial services

We support TTPC and Transmed in managing the Transmission Service offered to stakeholders, ensuring adequate commercial coordination.

In particular:

  • Contract definition and management
  • Development of tariff systems
  • Management of relations with partners
  • Conferral of transmission capacity
  • Agreements with interconnected operators up and downstream

We also collaborate to identify initiatives in support of business, ensuring the definition of strategies and guaranteeing the steering and transversal operative coordination for commercial development, also through the start-up of partnerships and the identification of new services.

Finally, we supervise the development of commercial dispatching and all other activities impacting shippers, holders of transmission contracts along the TTPC-TMPC corridor.

For more information on how to become a client of TTPC and Transmed, download the booklet.

Commercial services

The commercial investee companies of the SeaCorridor Group


Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company manages and markets the natural gas transmission capacity from Algeria from the border between Tunisia and Algeria to the Tunisian coast.

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Transmed manages and markets the transmission capacity of the gas pipeline owned by Transmediterranean Pipeline Company Ltd.

Find out more and use PRISMA

Find out more and use PRISMA

PRISMA is Europe’s leading web platform in the purchase and sale of transmission capacity; through PRISMA, TSOs, SSOs and shippers market transmission capacity at the primary and secondary market level.

All processes involving the conferral of the transmission capacity managed by TTPC and Transmed are finalised on the PRISMA platform.

For more information on the functions made available by the platform, click here.

For more information about the capacity booking windows, click here.

TTPC-TM Booking Windows – Save the date

Find out more and use PRISMA

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