SeaCorridor: coordina le attività dei gasdotti Algeria-Italia | SeaCorridor


The joint governance company Eni and Snam

for coordinating the activities of the TTPC and TMPC gas pipelines.

Who We Are

SeaCorridor manages the coordination of commercial and technical activities of the two international gas pipeline groups connecting Algeria to Italy.

The routes involved are the onshore pipelines that extend from the border between Algeria and Tunisia to the Tunisian coast, called the TTPC system (Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company), and the offshore pipelines that connect the Tunisian coast to Italy, called the TMPC system (Transmediterranean Pipeline Company).

SeaCorridor brings together the expertise of Eni and Snam in a single working team, with the intention of synergistically enhancing their respective missions.

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Our Objectives

Through our assets and along with our subsidiaries, we contribute to enhancing the development of energy initiatives aimed at securing natural gas supplies in Italy and across Europe.

Additionally, we aim to seize any opportunities in favor of energy transition, with the goal of supporting potential development initiatives in the hydrogen value chain, leveraging the natural resources of North Africa.

The North Africa-Europe connection currently represents a strategic route on which to base significant energy policies and, in the near future, will be a fundamental axis in the perspective of progressive international decarbonization.

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Board SeaCorridor

Sergio Molisani


Francesco Caria

Chief Executive Officer

Marta Bellagamba

Board Member

Roberto Albergante

Board Member